Sunday, October 29, 2006

Art, Wine, and The Street

I hit the street again today in hopes of capturing the last remnants of the season’s colors. Fall is happening so fast this year. Yesterday a big rain storm dropped a lot of leaves and then a wind storm blew it all away today.

Our wine has finished its primary fermentation and is now in a full malolactic phase as it sits in a carboy.

New Haven’s CWOS wrapped itself up today. It was definitely an exciting month for art. I met a lot of fabulous people and sold some work to boot. It was nice.

I’m off to LA next week for a wedding in Malibu. I think I’ll extend my stay in Cali and cruise up route 1 to pay a visit to a bunch of people in the Northland. I’ve been away from Santa Cruz, Oakland, Berkeley, and SF for too long. It’s time to check in.

I’m debating whether or not I should apply to grad school again. Is it really worth it? The whole endeavor seems like an expensive exercise in neurotic sycophantic desperation. Or at least that’s what I’ve observed here at Yale.


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